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Young Hunky Footballer Paolo Gets Inspected By Pervy Club Chairmen

by on Sep.11, 2019, under CMNM

We continue the story about the young eager footballer called Paolo (check out the first part here). Paolo was certain that he would get a special treatment in the club, owing to the fact that his uncle is a famous footballer in the same club. However, he is starting to find out that this is not going to happen!

The chairmen of the club want to make it clear to Paolo that he would not be getting any special treatment, and in fact they treat him like any dumb athlete that comes their way into the club. They feast their eyes on Paolo’s hot muscular body and examine it in various ways. Paolo is embarrassed and nervous, but the chairmen don’t care!

Now, the club’s policy says that every new player needs to go through an anal exam. Paolo thinks that it’s hugely unconventional that he has to strip butt naked and offer his arse for an anal exam, but the pervy chairmen don’t want to discuss the matter with him. They just make it abundantly clear to Paolo that his future football career may depend on how well he cooperates with them during the anal exam!

They take a large dildo and insert it into Paolo’s hole, stretching it in all directions. They start to make unkind comments about Paolo’s ass and about their future plans with him in that regard. Paolo feels humiliated, but strangely, his cock starts to get hard quite spontaneously! The pervy chairmen are full of glee as they watch Paolo’s hardon getting bigger and bigger with every moment right there in front of their eyes.


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