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Tall Big-Dicked Bi Hunk Taylor Strokes His Big Dick

by on Aug.08, 2015, under SpunkWorthy

Of of Taylor’s friends had done some work for another porn website and ever since then he’s been persuading Taylor to give porn a try as well. While Taylor’s friend thinks it’s a great opportunity to make easy cash and have lots of fun in the process, Taylor wasn’t so sure. A few months have passed and some coincidences in Taylor’s life led him to re-examine his decision about porn. After all, Taylor admits that actually that’s something he has always wanted to try.

Taylor is a pretty tall, lean dude. His height is 6′ 3” (190 cm), and I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear that his dick is quite proportional to his height – it measures full 8 inches (about 20 cm) when it gets fully erect. Taylor says that he’s bicurious or bisesual – he’s been with both girls and boys, but I have a sneaking suspicion he’s now more into boys. It appears that straight guys in his military base are his specialty, judging by his stories about all the straight buddies he managed to fool around with.

Taylor was a little nervous before the shoot started, as it was his very first foray into porn, but I’d say the excitement and wish to experience something new were stronger. In my estimate, it took him less than a minute to transform from a bashful boy to his real shiny porn self. As soon as his dick was fully erect, we had Taylor the porn star in front of our eyes. It seems he’s pretty proud of his big dick (who wouldn’t be?) as he clearly enjoys wielding it like a sword through space!

Taylor usually jacks off at least once a day, but for the occasion he saved his load for about one day before the shoot. He shot his load almost like an explosion, it was a lot of accumulated sexual energy and it was all released after a long time so the results were spectacular! Some of the jizz hit him even in his face.

We asked him how it tasted like. He tasted it from his finger, and immediately said "Salty!".


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