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Sexy Straight Kansas Boy Blake Plows Braxton’s Willing Tight Hole

by on Feb.12, 2016, under BaitBuddies

Blake is a hot and brand new straight newcomer who comes across as a typical redneck boy with plenty of attitude and great looks. This blue-eyed straight boy is fit but slender, and has one of the biggest cocks we’ve seen in a while. His tool measures no less than 9 inches of solid manmeat, and he loves to use it on sexy girls. His favorite type of girl is a slutty, easy-going chick that will give him her pussy any time he wants it. He prides himself as having lots of sex, with plenty of chicks. So he thought to himself, why not cash in on his ability to fuck chicks and try his luck in porn!

Speaking of slutty, our other dude for today Braxton certainly does fit into the description. He told us his usual day these days consists of sleeping, eating and having lots and lots of sex – every day. He’s especially fond of bathhouse orgies. He felt a little worn out today, but when he saw Blake’s massive, rock-hard dick that swayed to and fro in all its 9-inch glory, he knew he just had to have it in his ass.

As we hear the interview with the boys, we find out that Blake has had some financial difficulties with his car, he needs to get it out of the tow lot, and he needs money badly. As it usually happens with these boys, the conversation switches to sexual things pretty quickly and Blake has a chance to brag about his huge cock. Our casting director Caruso is curious to find out when it was exactly when Blake realized he had a really big dick. Blake tells us a story when he was in junior high school, his physical education teacher told his mom that her son really needed some different underwear because his cock was dangling and shaking all over the place, which made other kids feel uneasy. Luckily, Blake didn’t even hear about that story of his ex gym teacher until much later (when he was already 17) and thus it didn’t cause him any psychological issues or embarrassment. When he finally did hear about it, it didn’t cause embarrassment but quite the opposite – he felt proud that his gym teacher thought his endowment was much over the average.

Blake told us that he took a "blue pill" before this shoot just to make sure that he could stay hard, because after all he’s not a professional porn actor. So Blake’s cock really does stay rock-hard throughout the entire shoot, and it certainly had a significant effect on Braxton’s cock which remained equally hard. After the usual story with the missing girl, the guys are offered twice the cash to have sex with each other. Double the amount of money is something that’s not easily refused, and – even though Blake hoped to fuck some pussy today, one can’t have all! After all, money is good and he really needed it for his car.

In the next scene, the boys are stroking each other’s hard cocks, and you can tell that Braxton is eager to wrap his lips around that Blake’s monster. He gets down on his knees and worships Blake’s fantastic big erect cock as if it were some kind of deity. Blake seems to like what Braxton is doing to his cock. After all, no girl can ever approach a guy’s cock with such reverence and deep care as another dude. Blake then solemnly announces "I’m not getting fucked!". That’s not what Caruso had in mind in the first place, anyway… Blake is supposed to be the top. After he was assured his ass would never be penetrated by anyone’s cock, Blake agrees to return the favor to Braxton as far as the blowjob is concerned. He gets on his knees and gives Braxton a nice, albeit awkward blowjob. Considering it was his very first time to suck another guy’s hard cock, I’d say Blake did a good job, although Braxton thought he deserved only a "C" grade. Practice makes perfect, and we hope Blake will improve his cocksucking skills.

Next up, Braxton’s hole is oiled up and he gets on his back with his legs widely spread apart. Then our Kansas boy wants to show us what he’s made of, and he can finally use his cock. Blake plows Braxton’s tight little hole with wild abandon in several positions. Braxton is happy as a puppy with Blake’s 9 inches of hard man meat in his ass, and he moans and groans a lot. Braxton really enjoyed this wild fucking and later told us it was "awesome". Braxton plays with Blake’s nipples and strokes his cock until Blake rewards him with a big load that splatters all over his chest.


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