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Girth Brooks is REALLY Huge

by on Aug.06, 2009, under Manavenue


Guessing by the response so far,  Girth Brooks will have his hands
full as an upcoming porn star…and we do mean a hand FULL.

This mother fucker’s dick is so fat, well… pictures do speak for
themselves and he really could NOT get his hand around his own dick.

Can you imagine trying to choke that cock down your throat, much less
trying to sit on it?

Girth Brooks is a guy that REALLY lives up to his namesake!!!…

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Peto and Jorge on Berlin Male

by on Aug.05, 2009, under Berlin Male

Jorgepeto04 Jorgepeto09

Ok, these two are not strictly straight but their rough looks and hot action made my cock rock hard in no time… so I thought it would be pity not to share them with you!

Peto Coast (the guy with the beard) is bisexual, active, is 6’ 4’’ tall, weighs 187 lbs, and his cock is 8 inches long. His hobbies include boxing and performing as DJ. Woof!

Jorge Ballantinos (the bald muscled guy) is gay, passive, 5’ 7’’ tall, …

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Adam is one Huge Straight Stud

by on Aug.05, 2009, under Manavenue

Adam004 Adam006

You just couldn’t get enough of Adam; so here he is in our behind the scenes look at his shoot.

Adam’s hot body and huge dick continue to make us all horny and bothered around the office. As if his previous video wasn’t enough, you’ll be sure to enjoy this additional footage in one downloadable video.

Adam: Still smokin’ hot; still hard as a rock; still horny as hell.


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Jake Sprays Hot Cum

by on Aug.05, 2009, under Manavenue

3 11

When your appetite for Jake spiked during his last visit with us, he was just getting warmed up.

This rugged stud marches all around the house with that big schlong poking out, on his way to the “inner sanctum” to pose and stroke for us.

Handsome fucker blows cum all over himself then stands up to flex one more time while the cum is dripping down his chest and abs.


Jake is just one of many hard & masculine men …

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Blowing Don

by on Aug.01, 2009, under New York Straight Men

Meet Don! He is a hot New Yorker that made Bobby’s mouth water!

Don get very aggressive and dominate with Bobby, kind of took Bobby by surprise as he has had it easy lately. Don was just the guy to put Bobby in his place, down on his knees-sucking cock!

Bobby got his reward for all his hard work, a gusher of thick hot cum!

Watch 100s of huge straight guys stretching our cocksuckers’ mouths with their long hard cocks!

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Tony Fucks Cocksucker’s Mouth Hard

by on Aug.01, 2009, under New York Straight Men

It seems that Tony is always horny and always needs to dump his load. He called us after his Saturday softball game wanting to see if we had anybody to suck his cock. He busted up his knee during the game, it was really hurting him and he thought a good blow job would make him feel better.

It was Sergio’s cocksucking shift that day. When we told him he was going to suck off Tony, he was almost jumping for joy! Tony arrived with…

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New York Straight Men’s Guy Returns

by on Aug.01, 2009, under New York Straight Men

By popular demand our hot French Stud, Guy is back, This time with a vengeance!

In this movie, Guy’s dominate side emerges. He commands Juan to suck
his cock, lick his balls and to lie down so he can sit on his face!

Juan was ecstatic submitting to Guy’s orders and satisfying his whims.
In reward for his efforts, Juan was christened with a huge load of
straight-guy spunk!

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Hung Straight Coach CJ

by on Aug.01, 2009, under Manavenue

CJ is a private coach and has been working out every day near our office. We finally talked him into auditioning with us and showing off a bit.

When the cameras began rolling, he immediately said “I’m ready” Boy were we surprised when he took his rock hard, fat dick out of his shorts. We had no idea he was boned up already. Damn straight guys get hard easier than gay guys…

After showing us his tight …

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Boxer Manning

by on Jul.31, 2009, under Uncategorized

I must admit that I hired Boxer Manning because of his super hung 9-inch cock (which hangs about five or six inches when soft) and abs, plus the fact that he is an ex-Marine and a helicopter pilot – that all added up to ultra-masculinity in my mind.
The thing that I like most about Boxer is his open-mindedness, especially about his bisexuality. He freely states that he’ll have sex with whomever is put in his path…

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Young Footballer Chris Bines

by on Jul.31, 2009, under RandyBlue

You all know how much I love contrasts. My favorite thing is to mix two guys together with different builds or skin tones, one hairy while the other isn’t, and things like that. So when I met Chris Bines I was thrilled. He’s got this adorable boyish face but with his neatly trimmed beard he is all man. Again, it’s that contrast that gets me every time. And with his love of the sun he’s got a great tan …

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