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Brutal Tops – Master Mike & His Buddy Lee Torture A Lowly Sub

by on Sep.21, 2011, under Brutal Tops

Master Mike has had a tough day on the rugby field. He is angry and enters the locker room only to find a lowly sub tied to the wall. The sub’s eyes are covered with a thick dark tape.

Master Mike’s sadistic streak is triggered and he starts to cruelly torture and abuse the naked man. Master Mike hasn’t cummed in a while so his balls are full of cum and badly need to be emptied. He face fucks the pitiful sub and doesn’t pay attention to his pleas and cries for help.

The angry rugby player beats the sub with a cane cruelly. Master Mike wants only the pleasure for himself, it turns him on to see how submissive someone can be when under the influence of his aggressive manly power.

Soon after that Master Lee enters the room as wel and now both dominant guys want to torture the young captive boy. Master Lee and Master Mike want their cocks sucked and stick them forcefully into the sub’s mouth.


Short preview video:

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