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Handsome Straight Pup Justin Comes Again To Stroke His Huge Uncut Cock & Shoots Big Load

by on May.26, 2017, under English Lads

Young straight pup Justin caused quite an uproar last time he was featured, and we’re doubly pleased to show him again. He wears his trademark baseball cap again, but this time he is well tanned and his body looks even more toned than the last time. He says he has been working out quite a bit lately, although he tends to slack off a bit from time to time.

He takes off his shirt and shows us his hard muscular chest, and does several dips so we can fully appreciate his hard arms and chest. His chest is covered with light blond fuzz. Then Justin proceeds to stroke his huge uncut monster cock and eventually shoots a massive load with some real force! He splatters his jizz all over his chest and sprays and sprays for quite some time… you need to see that to believe it!

Preview video:

Click here to download his entire video in HD quality at EnglishLads!

English Lads
is a fantastic site with loads of very manly, straight lads from England who love to show off and jerk off for the camera.  The guys that appear here are usually not found on any other site, so the content is quite exclusive. All movies are in HD quality.

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Ripped Military Drill Instructor Justin Rubs One Out

by on Jan.28, 2014, under Island Studs

Justin is a superhot muscular military dude. This masculine straight man works as a military drill instructor in the Marines, but in his spare time he’s an avid surfer. He really likes to get naked (wearing only his sports shorts) and go to the public beach in Hawaii to spend an entire afternoon surfing.

Justin is 28 years old and weighs 185 lbs (84 kg) of ripped military muscle and his height is 5’9” (175 cm). If you’re wondering whether he’s hiding something as big inside his pants as you’re secretly hoping he is, then you’d be completely right – inside his shorts there is a rather huge and thick military cock!

Justin didn’t mind taking off his shorts and showing us his whole naked body. He just walks outside, takes off his shorts and lets us enjoy the view. Let me put it this way – if you ever wanted to see a buck naked military stud this is a perfect opportunity! I was thoroughly amused and turned on while I watched him paddling out to catch waves – completely naked!

I think you’ll agree with me that it would be a damn shame if this hot straight stud wasn’t photographed and videotaped for the future generations to enjoy. Anyway, let’s see what else he does in this video.

After he’s done with the surfing, he starts chatting with the cameraman and tells us something about his taste in women. For instance, for him there’s a difference what kind of women he likes to date and what kind of women he likes when he just wants to fuck them! Who would have thought? Lol. He says that and he proceeds to walk around the beach with an erection. We all know that nothing beats the sight of a hot, well-built man who walks around with his stiff boner!

After showing off a bit this cocky bastard starts stroking his cock with one hand, while still holding the surf board with the other. Justin even tried to take a leak in the sand, but, as it turns out, he wasn’t "inspired enough". Justin isn’t shy about showing us his naked hairy ass either – he kneels down and pushes his ass up in the air so we can see it from the best possible angle. This military man aims to please – in the best possible way.

He continues to stroke his dick, more passionately and at a faster pace now. His shredded, smooth upper muscles and abs are dancing to the tune of his cock-stroking. Justin even starts sweating a little as he’s approaching the point of no return. The true gentleman as he is, he politely announces that he’s about to cum. Next thing, we see him shooting a nice, thick load if creamy army jizz all over his thighs while moaning like a bull.

After spanking the monkey, Justin goes back to the sea, with his tool still erect and sticking out like a sword, and with plenty of cum still dripping down from it. He didn’t mind one bit that he was out there in front of unknown people and he even put on a little show for them.

I really liked this macho army dude, especially because of the hot aura of masculinity that he emanates all the time.


Preview video:

Click here to watch his entire movie in HD quality at Island Studs!

Island Studs is a great, new, and refreshing porn site that features hot guys from Hawaii. These bad boys have no problem with showing off their beautiful, toned body and hard cock. Watch them as they do their usual chores against the stunning backdrop of Hawaiian nature!

IS_150x250_mo2 IS_150x250_mo3 IS_150x250_barry2

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First Auditions – Thuggish & Handsome Rugby Player Justin

by on Oct.08, 2011, under TheCastingRoom

This week I have something special for you on First Auditions. Justin is a straight, masculine rugby player. Not only that this guy looks manly, but he also has quite a bit of thuggish look. Not sure why – is it the shaved head, the shape of his head, his tattoos or maybe all of these things combined?

Unfortunately, Justin has a girlfriend that is not too keen on sex. Her libido is not that high, and certainly not a match for Justin’s. What a pity, because Justin has plenty of sexual fetishes to pursue – dressing up, role play and voyeurism.

His body is muscled and athletic in appearance, which comes from years of playing different sports and especially rugby. When he gets angry or irritated, his face acquires a threatening look. Our cameraman got the taste of it, ask him (grin).


Short preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video in perfect HD quality at First Auditions!

First Auditions is a great and original porn site that features young, cocky straight men who want to earn a lot of money by becoming porn stars. They think they’ll be accepted right away and bang lots of chicks, but what they don’t know is that our casting director is very strict and wants to see them naked and how they jerk off during the audition. Lots of drop-dead sexy men here!


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FirstAuditions Justin – Cute, Hard-Bodied & Horny Rugby Player

by on Dec.22, 2010, under TheCastingRoom

Justin is a rough, cute and hard-bodied dude who plays rugby. He’s completely straight but has no problem with showing off his asshole and even letting women play with it.

He looks so homely and orderly that many women would like to have him as a husband. But Justin also has such a high sex drive that would make him perfect for a freaking amazing secret lover, too!

He wasn’t particularly relaxed while being interviewed by FirstAuditions casting director, especially while we thoroughly examined his asshole. Let me tell ya one thing – that ass is perfect and I’d really love to see it worked on until Justin has the most powerful orgasm of his life.

Justin’s cock is rock-hard and just the perfect size – not too big and not too small. I can imagine how many of his ladies were pushed to the seventh heaven by that perfect man tool.

Justin jerks off his cock while watching a porn mag, and then blows stream after stream of hot straight cum which flies through the air as if it was ejected from a fireman’s hose!


Short preview video:

Click here to watch the full movie of Justin’s first audition from FirstAuditions.


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Handsome And Extra Horny Military Dude

by on Sep.11, 2010, under ActiveDuty

Active Duty’s War Chest featured a real super hottie. Justin is a real looker. He’s got some of the prettiest eyes and a nice hairy chest that makes you just want to snuggle up next to him and bury your face in it. Justin is a sexy devil with a long, straight nose and pretty face. A real man’s man. Justin is 6′ 3" tall, weighs 183 lbs. and is sporting about 8.5 inches of beautiful cock. You can tell just how big he is by looking at the bulge in his jeans.

This one is a horn dog and it shows as he plays with his cock while he talks about his hobbies and interest. He takes his clothes off and gives us a really good look at that hot butt he’s packing. Once his clothes come off, he’s hard as a rock in no time flat. Justin jerks his dick as we watch his delicious balls bounce up and down. You’ll wanna crawl right up on the bed with him and get down between those legs.

Justin puts on one hell of a show and gives us some really good ass time as he shows off. You can tell that showing off is something he really likes to do. When he shoots, he shoots a massive load all over himself. Justin gives us more ass show before he goes and you’ll want to pause right there and take a good long look of that beautiful pink tight hole and just imagine who’s gonna be the first to get inside it.


You can watch the entire scene with Justin as well as thousands of other hot straight army dudes if you visit ActiveDuty now!

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Straight Uncut English Hunks Experiment With Cock

by on Aug.25, 2010, under English Lads

Today I’m in the mood to show you some really hot British straight boys. These lads are perpetually horny, and really do like to experiment with different possibilites, not just for money’s sake. They will use any opportunity to fuck a tight wet hole with their big uncut dick. Anyway, lets see the first duo: Straight hunk Josh paired with totally adorable hottie Jason.

Str8 Hunk Josh is just back from holiday and his tanned body makes his bright blue eyes look even sparklier than normal! Today “experimental” is his middle name and Josh is standing chatting when Jason comes in and feels up Josh through his jeans! Luckily Josh is good at saying yes today and Jason is soon playing with Josh’s cock; very gentle, just a finger teasingly fiddling with Josh’s uncut cock and before long there is a stirring and Josh’s foreskin comes back, his meat gets a little semi and the next thing Jason is licking and gobbling down on Josh! Josh closes his eyes and thinks of a fantasy and up pops his cock filling Jason’s mouth! From this moment on Josh’s uncut cock doesn’t seem to leave Jason’s mouth and after some more playing Josh pumps it hard and shoots his load in Jason’s mouth! Wow this str8 lad certainly stepped up today.

Short preview video:

Click here to watch this entire video.

Next we have straight stud Bezza who will experiment with our hot gay boy Justin in the hopes to broaden his sexual horizons!

Hairy Str8 hunk Bezza has come a long way since his first solo shoot; today he takes another big step with Justin who starts off by feeling up Bezza’s very large bulge in his jeans, before long Justin has Bezza in his boxers and pulls out just enough of his cock to allow him to suck and play with the foreskin! Though very quickly Justin’s eagerness to play with str8 hunk Bezza sees Bezza’s boxers round his knees and the whole of Bezza’s cock down Justin’s throat! Bezza is as hard as a rock enjoy Justin’s hot mouth and before long Justin slides a rubber down Bezza’s long cock and he sits down on it with real eagerness! In fact he rides Bezza like he is riding his last ever straight lad! He does some great position with Bezza being ridden for the first few before they switch round and Bezza spoons Justin with real speed pumping his long and thick cock deep into Justin’s hole! Justin’s hole is warmed to roasting point and bending over the chest of draws he jisms all over it! Wow a very turned Justin unloaded and Bezza quickly follows squirting his sperm all over Justin’s face! The full version of the video has an extra 12 minute bonus at its end!


Short preview video:

You can enjoy a vast number of hot, manly (and predominantly straight) UK boys if you visit English Lads. Check them out now, they update with fresh straight horny boys every few days!

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